• Complete a school support job or serve on the GPPS Board.

  • Participate in school work parties.
  • Meet health and financial requirements on time (including prompt return of health/immunization records and prompt payment of tuition and fees).

Parent's Role & Responsibilities

GPPS cannot function without the cooperation of all families.
Upon enrollment, parents agree
to accept responsibility for the following obligations: 

A non profit cooperative preschool at

5815 SW Gillcrest Court, Portland OR 97221

  • Assist teacher in the classroom as parent helper. Parent helper days are shared equally among parents in each class, usually twice a month.

  • Attend 3-4 general family meetings held throughout the school year. These meetings are usually held at 6:30 PM on a weeknight.
  • Participate in school fundraising activities.  Previous years' activities have included a fun run, a holiday wreath sale, and a bowl-a-thon. The annual fundraising goal per family is $350.
  • Attend Family Orientation (held before school begins in the fall). 

   Schools (including cooperative preschools) are now obligated to share immunization and exemption rates. Senate Bill 895 and Oregon Administrative                        Rules 333-050-0010 through 0140 require that schools share immunization and exemption rates including sharing this information on the school's                                website. The following link provides the 2016-2017 immunization information for Gabriel Park Preschool.